Halfpipe CAN

Athletes working together to improve their sport


HalfpipeCAN is an organization by athletes, for athletes. We are a team looking to inspire the next generation of Halfpipe Riders in Canada. Founded in 2013 Halfpipe CAN is motivated by a lack of financial support, we are passionate about pursuing world-class achievements and developing our love for halfpipe sports.

Our goal is to provide fundraising opportunities for our team and next generations to be successful. We are elite athletes being proactive for our team and sport.



The WHY 

We believe there is a detrimental gap in athlete funding and sport development for snowboard halfpipe in Canada. Our athletes struggle with making ends meet while traveling to expensive world class contests and training facilities and are expected to achieve excellent results. The National Sport Organization and Sport Canada's programs provide what little they can, but it cannot keep up to the financial demand dedicated athletes endure. There is also little to no funding for a development program or athletes. Sarah Conrad, Mercedes Nicoll and Brad Martin are athletes that prove the efforts of a development program have a great return.  It has been over ten years since a proper development program was offered. Lastly, the number halfpipe facilities in Canada had dropped drastically, thus denying the sport to be experienced by others and for competition opportunities. There is a huge need for support in this area as well. 

The Mission 

Our mission is to provide elite athletes with financial support and fundraising tools for their participation in high performance competitions and training camps. Halfpipe CAN also looks to provide a development program for amateur athletes along with spreading education on the importance of quality local on snow training facilities to resorts across Canada.     

The Vision 

Our vision is to provide developing and elite halfpipe athletes with programs that promote sport development, beneficial training conditions, competitiveness in world class competitions and sustainable financial plans. 

The Objectives 

  • September 2017 sell out our Fall Classic; have 144 Golfers.
    • Raise $30,000 to contribute to our $5000/athlete National Team fee coaching budget.
  • June 2016 raise $25,000 to be split between the elite athletes for 2016/2017 team fees and developmental athletes for pre season training camps. (assuming the team fees will decrease due to improved budgets with Canada Snowboard)
  • April 2016 raise $10,000 that will support 3 development camps across Canada to scout out new talent for the development program.
  • December 2015 raise $25,000  that will be contributed to the $5000 per athlete team Canada Snowboard team fee that Canada Snowboard will use for the national team coaching budget.