World Championships in Kreishberg, Austria

The lives of athletes are always a challenge, especially when things don’t go to plan like last week’s contest at the World Championships in Kreishberg. Although it wasn’t the best results the team has had in the past or start of the season it was not for a lack to effort.

The team had two days of training before the contest. One of them was a night time practice under the bright lights of the Kreishberg halfpipe and the next morning. Coach Ben Boyd of Shred Excel watched over the team as they trained in what some felt an undervert halfpipe, meaning the walls stood at 98 degrees or less.

Qualifiers turned out to be a bluebird morning with the ladies having one heat of twenty three riders. Katie Tsuyuki ended up placing the best with 15th place, followed by Calynn Irwin (17th) and Alex Duckworth (19th).

The men’s heats were much later with a three hour break in between so boardercross finals could be televised.

Qualifying under the night lights Derek Livingston was our best male Canadain placing 25th and was followed by Brad Martin, 33rd.

The riders have a break from World Cups for now, but Calynn will travel to Laax to get onto the alternate list for the invite only European Open. We wish her the best of luck.