Rapid-Fire Q&A with Up and comer Kiran Pershad

Kiran, for those that don’t know you give us a little background on yourself with five rapid-fire questions;

  1. How old are you? 15
  2. When did you start snowboarding? I started riding when I was 6.

  3. Where can we find you snowboarding most of the time? Mt St Louis Moonstone.
  4. What’s your favorite snowboard trick? Frontside Indy Nose Bone.
  5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I would love to be in Halfpipe CAN and competing in International events, and my dream is to represent Canada at the Winter Olympics (working on it :)



You were just at the Toronto snow show what was the highlight for you? Hanging out with the Sanction posse and seeing all of my snowboard frends in their civilian clothes.

 What are you most looking forward to this winter?  Dropping into the pipe again, spring training in Breckenridge, and riding Mt St Louis Moonstone's pipe.

Other than snowboarding what else do you get up to? Skateboarding, Trampoline, playing with technology, learning UNIX, and taking care of my zoo at home : 3 cats, 5 tarantulas, 2 big fish tanks, and a chameleon.

Choose one;

Snowboarding or Skateboarding : Snowboarding

Candy or Icecream : IceCream - do not eat candy ( unless it is chocolate :)

Snapchat or Instagram : Instagram

Halfpipe or Rails : Halfpipe

East or West : East

Anything else you’d like to add? 
I learned to snowboard at Earl Bales Park, a tiny ski hill run by the City of Toronto, and I had the most wonderful teachers that inspired me to follow my dream. 
Earl Bales helped me find Snowboard Ontario.  Snowboard Ontario helped me find Simple Snowboarding, and Simple Snowboarding has helped the halfpipe to find me :) 
This is my 5th year with Simple.  Snowboarding has become my whole life, and for me every time I drop into the pipe it is like a dream come true.

Thank yous.

Thank you to everyone at Earl Bales Park and the City of Toronto, Sanction, Simple Snowboarding, Snowboard Ontario, Mt St Louis Moonstone, Bill Crothers Secondary School, and Halfpipe CAN

Look out for Kiran on the slopes and in a Halfpipe near you!