Prepared and Ready


Our HalfpipeCAN team shares how they prepare for the competitive season 

Mercedes Nicoll 

"This winter for me is different than years before. This year I'm spending more time in the gym getting back my strength. Coming back from injury is never easy, overcoming challenges and starting from scratch. Yoga, intervals and weights is where I'm at. Don't forget it's different for everyone, so find what you like and what works for you:) Xoxo"

Trevor Niblett 

"I like to trampoline a lot before starting the season, have all my flips and spins dialled into my brain so when I get back on to snow  everything feels natural"

Calynn Irwin

"I make sure my body is in the best possible shape leading into the season. Strength training and yoga. It's all about putting yourself in the best position you can before you start riding. TIP: Don't skip out on warming up and stretching afterwards, whether riding or hitting the gym both are equally as important as the workout itself."

Derek Livingston

"Make sure you get your board and bindings set up before the season starts and test it out at home. Your new set-up might be different than last years so make sure you get your angles and stance width set correctly. This lets you get right into it the first day back and you won't have to mess around changing your stance every run! Have fun out there!!"

Katie Tsuyuki 

"Keeping my fitness up over the year is one my my priorities, so when it comes to preparing for the snowboard season I like to beef up my visualization, from isolating tricks to riding full runs in contests all over the world. Even if there isn't snow on the ground yet, I'm sliding it in my mind"