Welcome Trevor Niblett: An Interview with the Rookie

Trevor Niblett, he may be new to the team but he's not new to the halfpipe scene in Canada, he's second on the Canadian Rankings List. We were happy to catch our newest edition for an interview, just so you can get to know our Rookie Rider! 

What is your name? Trevor George Niblett 

Any nicknames? T-Nibbs or Nibbles 

Where do you live? Toronto, Ontario...kinda mid-town 

What resorts did you grow up riding? Georgian Peaks and Mount St. Louis Moonstone

When did you start snowboarding? When I was 8 years old  

Why did you start snowboarding? My father showed me some snowboarding videos and I thought it was the coolest thing ever!

What is your favorite trick? Straight air....Well backside air (that's with a method)  

Where is your favorite place to ride in Canada? Hmmmm....Whistler

Who was the first halfpipe rider you remember who you looked up to? Maybe Kevin Perice but probably Terje Haakonsen

Why did you choose halfpipe as a discipline? Because it feels like hitting 5 big jumps in a row

What are you goals for snowboarding? Getting as good as I possibly could get, going to the 2018 Olympics and making it to an X Games 

What are you looking forward to in this coming season? Riding with my friends and pushing ourselves 

How do you hope to contribute to the sport of halfpipe? Ummm...I don't know...maybe I will invent my own trick someday

Do you have advice for any riders who are trying to get onto the team? Go as high as you can! 

Trevor's Recent Results 

3rd - Eastern Canadian Regionals, 3rd - Sony Snow Crown, 5th - US Open Trials 

Follow Trevor on Instagram @trevorniblett