TOP 5s with CALYNN IRWIN: Exploring outside and staying active


Exploring outside and staying active

1- Running along the Georgian Trail:

This summer I have had the opportunity to spend a lot of time up near

Collingwood. Looking to stay in shape for the snowboard season, the Georgian Trail

has quickly become one of my favorite spots for a good run! It runs from

Collingwood to Meaford, with the full length being 35km. It is a fairly straight and

flat path that goes close to the waters edge. With its many entrances/exits it makes

it easy to hop on and off the trail for lunch or even a swim in Georgian Bay!

2- Mountain Biking in the Don Valley:

Who knew there were so many amazing bike trails right in the heart of

Toronto! With an entrance close to my house, Bayview and Moore, discovering these

trails has been a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. The range of difficulty of

these trails ranges from easy to difficult so they have a lot to offer to a biker of any

ability! ( After a bike ride I would suggest

checking out the Brickworks (

brick-works/) and grabbing lunch or a coffee at Café Belong


3- Tennis:

Might not sound like something that has anything to do with snowboarding

but I have found tennis to be good cross training for a lot of sports. Hitting a tennis

ball properly requires you to get into the right position with the combination of

timing your swing with the ball properly. The motion of swinging a tennis racquet

down to the basics is very similar to spinning on a snowboard, it requires to engage

your core. Timing is everything just like when you are throwing a spin in the

halfpipe! Toronto has tons of public courts around that are available for anyone to

use. Here is a list of all tennis courts public and club owned.

4- Exploring the new Pan Am path:

The Pan Am games have been an exciting time for Toronto! It is great to have

all these new venues for our summer athletes to train at. They  have also put faces to

our many Canadian athletes that will now be going on with the hopes to make the

2016 Olympics in Rio.  Toronto has developed some new amazing paths that go all

around Toronto for the Pan Am games. The path I have particularly enjoyed is the

one that goes all along the lakeshore. It has opened the whole area by the waterfront

to more activity and it is amazing to see the amount of people that have started

using it.

5- Workouts outside:

You don’t need to be inside a gym to get a good workout in! All you need is a

park and a mat (if you don’t want to be on the ground). Combining sprints with

exercises that require no equipment is a great way to get an outdoor workout.

Exercises to include could be: squats (add a jump), lunges (crossover, forward or

backward), plank (side and front), bicycle abs, and candlesticks. Anything you don’t

need a machine or, if you can modify it to be without one can be done outdoors. It’s a

great way to get outside and stay in shape! I have also found a bunch of outdoor

workout classes that you can join for drop INS or buy a package of classes.

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