Prepared and Ready


Our HalfpipeCAN team shares how they prepare for the competitive season 

Mercedes Nicoll 

"This winter for me is different than years before. This year I'm spending more time in the gym getting back my strength. Coming back from injury is never easy, overcoming challenges and starting from scratch. Yoga, intervals and weights is where I'm at. Don't forget it's different for everyone, so find what you like and what works for you:) Xoxo"

Trevor Niblett 

"I like to trampoline a lot before starting the season, have all my flips and spins dialled into my brain so when I get back on to snow  everything feels natural"

Calynn Irwin

"I make sure my body is in the best possible shape leading into the season. Strength training and yoga. It's all about putting yourself in the best position you can before you start riding. TIP: Don't skip out on warming up and stretching afterwards, whether riding or hitting the gym both are equally as important as the workout itself."

Derek Livingston

"Make sure you get your board and bindings set up before the season starts and test it out at home. Your new set-up might be different than last years so make sure you get your angles and stance width set correctly. This lets you get right into it the first day back and you won't have to mess around changing your stance every run! Have fun out there!!"

Katie Tsuyuki 

"Keeping my fitness up over the year is one my my priorities, so when it comes to preparing for the snowboard season I like to beef up my visualization, from isolating tricks to riding full runs in contests all over the world. Even if there isn't snow on the ground yet, I'm sliding it in my mind"    

This Torch is on Fire: 5 Things To Know About The Pan Am Torch Relay

The 5 cool things to know about the Pan Am torch’s 41-day relay throughout Ontario and various cities in Canada.

1.)    Lite the Flame and Pass it On

The Pan Am flame represents the spirit and history of the Games which is deeply rooted in tradition. It symbolizes the unification of the 41 Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) nations.

While the Olympic Flame is traditionally lit at Ancient Olympia, the Pan American version has been lit by Aztec people in ancient temples, first at the Cerro de la Estrella in Mexico City and in more recent years at the 65-metre high Pyramid of the Sun, the third largest pyramid in the world.

The flame was lit in Teotihuacan, Mexico by International Olympic Committee member Vasquez Raña. He then passed it to Toronto 2015 chairman David Petterson and then on to Jesus Omar Diaz Pastrán who became the first athlete carrier.  After it was flown to Canada to start its journey to our host city of Toronto.

2.)    The Specs

Pan Am torch.jpg

The torch its self was designed to display the energy and playfulness of the Toronto 2015 campaign. There are colourful “United we Play!” pictograms surrounding the torch signifying people in motion. It all symbolizes athletes coming together though the celebration of sport and culture.

  •  Length: 65 cm
  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Material: aluminum
  • 10 to 12 minutes’ burn time
  • Can withstand winds up to 70 km/h
  • Visible in all weather conditions
  • Can accommodate a variety of modes of transportation

3.)    3,000+ Torchbearers and more than 130 Communities

During the relay the torch will pass through over 3,000 torchbearers’ hands and through more than 130 communities.

The bearers are chosen though both public and private processes. Meaning, some are chosen by the local communities and some by the Game’s sponsors and stakeholders.

Our rider and board member Derek Livingston was one of these privileged bearers and ran the torch through his local community of Aurora, Ontario.

Derek shares this honor with other athletes and famous Canadians such as world figure skating champion Patrick Chan, two-time Olympic champion freestyle skier Alexandre Bilodeau, two-time Olympic triathlon medallist Simon Whitfield and retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield

4.)    Over 20,000Kms

The torch will travel over 20,000Kms via road, air and water. It will not only be ran and flown, but also travel with over sixty alternative means of transportation ranging from kayaks to bikes. The Pan Am flame will also travel to Richmond, BC, Calgary, AB, Winnipeg, MB, Gatineau, QC, Montreal, QC, and Halifax. NS.

5.)    #CelebrateAndShare

Get into the Pan Am social media hashtag to keep up with recent events on the flame’s travel throughout Canada and your local community or follow @TO2015torch on twitter. The #CelebrateAndShare hashtag is also the general tag for the Games, so you can use it to find out the latest on the athletes and events through social media outlets like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.   


Welcome Trevor Niblett: An Interview with the Rookie

Trevor Niblett, he may be new to the team but he's not new to the halfpipe scene in Canada, he's second on the Canadian Rankings List. We were happy to catch our newest edition for an interview, just so you can get to know our Rookie Rider! 

What is your name? Trevor George Niblett 

Any nicknames? T-Nibbs or Nibbles 

Where do you live? Toronto, Ontario...kinda mid-town 

What resorts did you grow up riding? Georgian Peaks and Mount St. Louis Moonstone

When did you start snowboarding? When I was 8 years old  

Why did you start snowboarding? My father showed me some snowboarding videos and I thought it was the coolest thing ever!

What is your favorite trick? Straight air....Well backside air (that's with a method)  

Where is your favorite place to ride in Canada? Hmmmm....Whistler

Who was the first halfpipe rider you remember who you looked up to? Maybe Kevin Perice but probably Terje Haakonsen

Why did you choose halfpipe as a discipline? Because it feels like hitting 5 big jumps in a row

What are you goals for snowboarding? Getting as good as I possibly could get, going to the 2018 Olympics and making it to an X Games 

What are you looking forward to in this coming season? Riding with my friends and pushing ourselves 

How do you hope to contribute to the sport of halfpipe? Ummm...I don't know...maybe I will invent my own trick someday

Do you have advice for any riders who are trying to get onto the team? Go as high as you can! 

Trevor's Recent Results 

3rd - Eastern Canadian Regionals, 3rd - Sony Snow Crown, 5th - US Open Trials 

Follow Trevor on Instagram @trevorniblett